David Bell (David Bell)

Completed: 17 October 2014

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David Bell
David Bell
  • Start date: 1 April 2012
  • Age When Completed: 61
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

Fantastic. Walked mostly N-S with a few S-N sections. Many thanks to all the Vollies.

Food/Supplies Comments

No problem-  sectional.

Favourite Section

Northcliffe to Walpole, Walpole to Peaceful Bay.


Too many to mention - maybe seeing the ocean for the first time.

Personal Reactions



Heaps, roos hundreds, emus hundreds, snakes only 3, 1 quokka, 1 green ground parrot at West Cape Howe.

Your Best Equipment

Jet Boil, walking poles, Mac III sleeping bag.

Your Worst Equipment

My body.

Advice for Others

Plan, prepare well. Don’t rush.