Jan Howie (waugalette #2)

Completed: 7 November 2012

Photo of Jan Howie (waugalette #2)
Jan Howie
waugalette #2
  • Start date: 5 April 2005
  • Age When Completed: 59
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Trish Berridge waugalette #1
    Kate Lapsley waugalette # 3
    Esme Bowen waugalete #4

General Comments

A great journey. Always keen to revisit the track

Food/Supplies Comments

Dehydrated own meals. My favourite was Atztec stew .. a vegetarian pumkin, bean and pepper combo with mexican spices

Favourite Section

Loved it all. Dog Pool shelter with its fantastic pool on a 34C day


Peaceful Bay to Boat Harbour was picturesque in November 2008 when the white flowering sticky tailflower (Antherocercis viscosa)was at its peak bloom has left lasting memories. The magnificant flora in spring has increased my wildflower knowledge.

Personal Reactions

It has become addictive for me


Snakes, kangaroos, emus, woylies seen.

Your Best Equipment

Thermorest neo air, down sleeping bag and jacket, poles

Advice for Others

Just do it and no need to rush.