Lucy Ridsdale (Wildgoose)

Completed: 17 December 2010

Photo of Lucy Ridsdale (Wildgoose)
Lucy Ridsdale
  • Start date: 25 October 2010
  • Age When Completed: 31
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

Wonderful! Loved it, relished it, learned heaps about light(er) weight hiking and got rid of 4 kg of gear… This was my second E2E and parts of it were so familiar they feel like home. Also wrote 50,000+ words that will contribute to an honours theses in sustainability.

Food/Supplies Comments

Dehydrated heaps of food = brilliant! Fruit leather, raw crackers, dehydrated vegies to throw in the pot. Ate like a queen.

Favourite Section

Gardner to Lake Maringup (N to W, generally).


Walking from Collie to Pemberton in six days (240 km)...massive personal challenge and achievement…Called upon stamina, kindness and determination, I didn’t know I had.

Personal Reactions

Mainly a huge feeling of gratitude and like I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


Heaps of wallabies in the northern half, 30 snakes seen (mostly tigers). Couple of big monitors. Phascogale tail (minus the phascogale).

Your Best Equipment

Silk sleeping bag liner (doubled as mozzie/march fly protection).

Your Worst Equipment

Succession of leaking Thermarests!

Advice for Others

Pack light! Enjoy it, be your own best friend.
Oh, and I walked from my home in Fremantle to the top of the Track - so officially started on the 26th October.