Antoon van Vegchel (Toon van Vegchel)

Completed: 12 May 2014

Photo of Antoon van Vegchel (Toon van Vegchel)
Antoon van Vegchel
Toon van Vegchel
  • Start date: 19 March 2014
  • Age When Completed: 50
  • Direction Walked: South to North
  • Others in Group:

    Leon van den Eeden

General Comments

Perfect track, very easy to find the track, specially in the south coast line, the track was much better maintained, compared to last year. Great.

Food/Supplies Comments

We have a food drop at North Bannister, it was the best thing we can do.

Favourite Section

The whole south coast line and Walpole to Northcliffe.


Blackwood campsite, Donnelly River Village, The big rocks near Denmark. All the beach where we take a swim.

Personal Reactions

It was much more easier then I thought! At the end I had the feeling I was walking on a motor-cross circuit. What a shame.


Just fine.

Your Best Equipment

Walking shoes and cookpot.

Your Worst Equipment

50 kms from Dwellingup.

Advice for Others

Be quiet.