Michael Kalt

Completed: 30 March 2011

Photo of Michael Kalt
Michael Kalt
  • Start date: 23 February 2011
  • Age When Completed: 43
  • Direction Walked: South to North

General Comments

Third E2E, first S - N. Gets easier every time. Misjudged the weather at this time of year, thought it might have cooled down by now. Instead it was HOT walking for 5 weeks. Never ever got wet from above, never had to freeze.

Food/Supplies Comments

Again I bought all food in Track towns but planned ahead and carried some extra food knowing in smaller places might not get all I want or need.

Favourite Section

Long Point to Mandalay Beach.


Camping at Mandalay Beach. Meeting a handful of N - S E2Ers and stopping for a chat…never got to share shelters with one of them though. Spotless blue skies, brightest of stars and full moons.

Personal Reactions

Felt like the Track was just here for me. Exclusively!!


Again no echidna.

Your Best Equipment

My brave pair of feet.

Your Worst Equipment

Hmm, maybe my backpack. Quite old & heavy in itself.

Advice for Others

Travel LIGHT! (I never seem to learn it….)