Marita Johnson (Different for every shelter, with AKA the previous name, so AKA's)

Completed: 20 October 2013

Photo of Marita Johnson (Different for every shelter, with AKA the previous name, so AKA's)
Marita Johnson
Different for every shelter, with AKA the previous name, so AKA's
  • Start date: 30 August 2013
  • Age When Completed: 51
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Sue Lee
    Fiona Dickson

General Comments

Walking throughout the wettest September on record had its challenges.  Our ponchos were work approximately 40 out of 48 walking days!  Of course all that rain meant beautiful green surrounds, few flies and no sunburn!  The ever changing scenery was simply stunning.  I felt so fortunate to take seven weeks out of life to enjoy a fabulous adventure with lovely friends.  I am grateful to all who maintain the track and shelters to such a high standard.

Food/Supplies Comments

I dehydrated all my dinners, salmon for lunches and fruit for snacks.  This was very cost effective and I liked knowing that I would enjoy my meals and know what was in them.  Breakfasts consisted of oats or breakfast bars.

Favourite Section

Walpole to Frankland.


The Tingle trees were just amazing.  As we walked through the tingle trees, I overheard one of my companions say it was humbling to be there, which I totally agreed with, given their age and our insignificance in comparison. 
The first sighting of the ocean was special too.
Living to tell the tale of a truly remarkable overnight storm which left fallen trees and debris for use to climb over, crawl under, bash through for many days ahead.

Personal Reactions

Too many to describe!  Depending on the day/hour/minute:  Wonder… frustration… delight… fright… pleasure… surprise… peace - I could go on!


Not a great deal, really, perhaps due to the weather.  Kangaroos, snakes, lizards, emus (the first I’d ever seen in the wild), various species of birds and one enormous spider!

Your Best Equipment

Walking poles…. although my poncho was a close second.

Your Worst Equipment

PVC waterproof pants.  They were soon replaced with Gortex pants, which were worn most of the 48 walking days.

Advice for Others

Buy the lightest equipment you can afford.  Comfort is all about the weight.  take time to appreciate your surrounds and be thankful for the opportunity of being able to take the time to walk along this fabulous track.