Meng S Chee (Borneo Bob)

Completed: 9 September 2013

Photo of Meng S Chee (Borneo Bob)
Meng S Chee
Borneo Bob
  • Start date: 6 September 2008
  • Age When Completed: 57
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    Mostly solo.

General Comments

Decided to complete walking the Track 12 months ago, and have made so many friends since then.

Food/Supplies Comments

Acar, a multi-coloured veggie pickle, on rice cake, with cheese, was my best meal. Delicious, light weight, keeps.

Favourite Section

Denmark to Albany


Best day was when walking the beach where the Torbay Inlet was crossed. Play of the waves, and sight of the wind turbines blanketed by morning sun rays, were awe-inspiring.

Personal Reactions

Best thing I did in a long while.


Emu protecting his chick, kangaroos, five tiger snakes and a dugite in a day.

Your Best Equipment

Thermarest pillow and down jacket for the cold evenings.

Your Worst Equipment

None, but wished my mat was wider.

Advice for Others

Do it soon.