Andrew Buddery (Andy Bud)

Completed: 17 August 2013

Photo of Andrew Buddery (Andy Bud)
Andrew Buddery
Andy Bud
  • Start date: 30 June 2013
  • Age When Completed: 30
  • Direction Walked: South to North

General Comments

Completely blown away by the beauty of the Track, the sheer vastness of the country and the friendliness and generosity of both fellow walkers and the country towns. A tremendous challenge, especially for a naive novice like me, but worth every moment of hardship.

Food/Supplies Comments

Learned as I went how much food I could carry and what I needed in a day. I have a new appreciation for Vegemite, bananas and jelly beans.

Favourite Section

Tough question! Either Giant - Walpole or Grimwade - Noggerup.


Sunrise at Helena after a very wet day previous, was special. Possum Spring and Murray sites were also wonderful. Wildlife, particularly echidna, great to see. Getting a shower at Pemberton after 9 days. And reaching Kalamunda.

Personal Reactions

Took a lot out of me mentally to get to Pemberton, through storms and injury. Afterwards, was able to enjoy the journey with less pain.


Lots of roos, wallabies, amazing bird-life, eagles on South Coast, one echidna, few emus, two whales, four snakes early on, including one beautiful tiger, spider, frogs, etc.

Your Best Equipment

Fuel stove and backpack were faultless, thermals kept me warm at night. Copy of War and Peace kept me entertained.

Your Worst Equipment

Sunglasses didn’t get much used. Neither did mobile.

Advice for Others

The most important things for completing E2E are your own two feet and your mental strength! Look after both and yo’ll be fine! Also, go commando.LOOKING FOR PHOTOS NORTH OF MURRAY FOR PLANNED NEW BLOG AS MY CAMERA DIED THERE.Any contributions fully credited and greatly appreciated.