Donna West (Donnakebab )

Completed: 22 August 2011

Photo of Donna West (Donnakebab )
Donna West
  • Start date: 20 May 2000
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

Had some of the most memorable times of my life

Food/Supplies Comments

Dinner and 4 bottles of wine supplied by nearby accommodation at Schafer hut best meal on the track. Fish and chips at Peaceful Bay caravan park also memorable.

Favourite Section

Walpole to Denmark, plus the section 10 mins or so before arriving at each hut


All the adventures and laughs along the way and the memorable times with new and old friends. Surviving the last 5 days walking on my own and not seeing another person for 4 days.

Personal Reactions

The most difficult times when everything goes wrong seem to be the times you enjoy talking about the most in hindsight, especially with the people you were with at the time.


A few skinny dippers along some isolated beaches in the south. Kangaroos, emus. Thousands of tadpoles from Northcliffe to Woolbales in winter.

Your Best Equipment

Legs and feet, keep going no matter what. Sat phone when I walked on my own.

Your Worst Equipment

Survival bag, which ripped when I put my pack inside it crossing the Parry Inlet, so all my gear was soaked.

Advice for Others

Falling out of the canoe at Irwin Inlet in boots is not that much fun, but hilarious for others around you. Never ending sand dunes just afterwards dry you off quickly.