Margaret Bryan (The Silvertops)

Completed: 15 December 2006

Photo of Margaret Bryan (The Silvertops)
Margaret Bryan
The Silvertops
  • Start date: 15 October 2006
  • Age When Completed: 59
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Barry Bryan

General Comments

Was walking the Track for the second time going to prove disappointing?  Not a bit! Even better!

Food/Supplies Comments

I hope people will support Balingup General Store, they are making a real effort.

Favourite Section

Northcliffe to Walpole.


The heathland near Mandalay Beach.

Personal Reactions

So much to see as we walk along, only dull bit was from Tom Road to Beedalup because of overgrown understory - it was like walking in a tunnel.


The birdlife was especially good.

Your Best Equipment

Down sleeping bag and thermarest mat.

Your Worst Equipment

Any bad stuff was taken our of my pack a long time ago.

Advice for Others

Don’t talk about it and and walk some of it.