Jamie Dillon (Jamie)

Completed: 4 September 2011

Photo of Jamie Dillon (Jamie)
Jamie Dillon
  • Start date: 9 July 2011
  • Age When Completed: 29
  • Direction Walked: North to South

Food/Supplies Comments

I prepared two months of dehydrated food in advance, and had them posted to the towns for pickup. A lot of work, but worth the effort to have good food every day.

Favourite Section

Northcliffe to Walpole. I enjoyed slogging through the Pingerup plains, and getting to the coast beach was a highlight as always.


The views from the “Monadnocks”. 
Morning mist at Blackwood.
Wading through chest high foam covering Sappers Bridge - truly bizzare.
First glimpses of the ocean from the dome behind Woolbales. Freezing cold dip in Lake Maringup.
Finally glimpsing the windmills coming into Albany.


I walked mostly in winter so missed a lot of wildlife. Most memorable was wading through Pingerup, sharing the “track” with yabbies and scores of tadpoles.

Advice for Others

Don’t be afraid of walking solo, making your own schedule is incredibly liberating.

Get a food dehydrator!