Andrew Hewat (Andy Hewat)

Completed: 9 December 2012

Photo of Andrew Hewat (Andy Hewat)
Andrew Hewat
Andy Hewat
  • Start date: 22 November 2012
  • Age When Completed: 49
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:


General Comments

Awesome adventure.

Food/Supplies Comments

Lots of udon noodles and miso soup.

Favourite Section

The big trees in the valley of the giants. Reaching the coast was a real buzz. Every morning at dawn and dusk when the trail came alive and then went back to sleep was special.


Too many highlights to mention. Being humbled by the track.

Personal Reactions

Enjoying the solitude of the trail and the company of the huts.


Lots of roos and snakes. The baby chic emus chasing their mum was a highlight.

Your Best Equipment

My Leki poles. And my fly net. Without the fly net I couldn’t use my trekking poles!

Your Worst Equipment

None. Gear refined for this trip and worked great. Maybe I could have done with a thicker sleeping pad.

Advice for Others

Do it. Just make the time and get out there. You will never regret it. I will definitely come back and do it again more leisurely to enjoy it even more.