Cliff Burns (The Bibbul-Bums)

Completed: 15 November 2010

Photo of Cliff Burns (The Bibbul-Bums)
Cliff Burns
The Bibbul-Bums
  • Start date: 19 September 2010
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Sharron Burns.

General Comments

Having now walked the Track, Kalamunda to Albany, we can honestly say that we in Western Australia should be so very proud to have such a wonderful world-class asset as the Bibbulmun Track right in our own backyard.  It has everything that a long distance walking track should have.  Such is the diverse nature of the surroundings along the way we found that every day became a whole new adventure.
Was it hard?  ...................YES!
Was it worth the effort ..........ABSOLUTELY, more than we ever dreamt it could be.
(And…..... We have forgiven all those energy-sapping, incredibly steep, never-ending and accursed hills and coastal dunes for the torture they put us through).

Food/Supplies Comments

We spent 3 months preparing our gear, food and all the other important arrangements.  This time was very well spent.
Having prepared and purchased some of our food and other necessities we posted parcels to 7 towns along the way.
Consequently purchases in towns were limited to such items as fresh fruit, the occasional breakfast and the essential ice-cream reward,  all of which we consumed whilst in town.

Favourite Section

After giving this item considerable thought we found it impossible to separate our some sections as better than other.  Each section brought its own surprises, delight, experiences and highlights.
A curious highlight was our food especially since it was our first attempt to dehydrate our main meals.  Well prepared and surprisingly tasty they always wend down with great gusto.


Part of our enjoyment of the adventure was spending time in the company of other backpackers along the way.  A very odd highlight occurred on Mt Chance.  When half way up the granite peak we disturbed a rather large Tiger Snake which presumably was sun-baking 20 metres further up the very steep slope.  Within a few seconds the said snake “surfed” side-ways, totally out of control, and “flew” past us at a great rate.

Personal Reactions

On completion and throughout the adventure (which we never once thought of quitting) our reaction/response was one of a great sense of personal achievement and satisfaction. 
We think we might have reacted to the anticipated ice-cream reward which was a motivating influence on approaching each town.


We thought that we might see more fauna other than kangaroos, emus, snakes, a legless lizard, monitors and many species of bird-life, a dead phascogale, ticks and a close encounter with a huge eagle, frogs, a swarm of bees making their home in the gutters of Chadoora shelter, ladybirds, many butterflies, millions of ants and trillions of flies and some very nasty march flies.  Given that most of our native fauna are nocturnal creatures we are probably being a little harsh on the little critters for not showing themselves.

Your Best Equipment

Most of our gear was essential.