Birgit Versuemer (Birgit V)

Completed: 26 May 2009

Photo of Birgit Versuemer (Birgit V)
Birgit Versuemer
Birgit V
  • Start date: 28 March 2009
  • Age When Completed: 25
  • Direction Walked: South to North

General Comments

This has been and unforgettable experience for me. I kept going with blisters, a twisted ankle and an injured hip. Walking the whole Track makes me fit, cleared my mind, meeting lots of nice and different people and see so many different landscapes from OZ.

Food/Supplies Comments

I never felt hungry. No supermarket has open on Sunday in Collie (very bad).

Favourite Section

Giants to Walpole, Donnelly River Village to Dwellingup, Brookton to Helena.


Blackwood campsite, beautiful lookout into the valley. Love rocks and lots of hills, steep climbs up and down. I had this not so much on the Track but when I really enjoyed it also by the big showers, hail and storms.

Personal Reactions

This was the best decision in my life. I really loved to walk this Track and would love to walk it in the spring time one day. It is still unbelievable that I walked the whole Track.


Different kind of snakes, kangaroos, spiders (with light on their back), birds, eagles, frogs, emus.

Your Best Equipment

Backpack (Deuter), nature walking sticks.

Your Worst Equipment

My sleeping bag (only +8C), my boots.

Advice for Others

Please consider if you need all the stuff what you want to carry on the Bib Track. I put 5 kg out I never needed and used it! Walk in shoes/boots your feet knows, new boots makes blisters and other trouble. Important is a comfortable backpack. You need it the whole way. Sleeping bag must have better than 0 C! Maybe upto -5C.