Tina Dawson (Snoopy)

Completed: 6 October 2007

Photo of Tina Dawson (Snoopy)
Tina Dawson
  • Start date: 5 January 2004
  • Age When Completed: 35
  • Direction Walked: Sectional

General Comments

I started the Track to get over depression and sort my life out. About 2 years ago I went out and didn’t have anything to sort out…so I had to learn to enjoy walking and just being in the bush. The Track gets into your blood. Its cleansing to the mind, body and spirit. A dose of the Track during the school holidays gets rid of my stress and gets me through the pressures of being mum and teacher, until the next time.

Food/Supplies Comments

I used a lot of those dehydrated food packets but the best was the last time. Used the dehydrated mince with dehydrated shitake mushrooms, carrot, rice or pasta and a paste spice…yummy!!

Favourite Section

Not Denmark to Peaceful Bay!! I enjoyed the diversity of the Pingerup Plains and the tall timber country. Mt Clare was my most favourite shelter. Woke up to the most beautiful, foggy morning. So serene.


Hated the south coast (hard work) but LOVED the views. Made it worthwhile.

Personal Reactions

Euphoria to complete devastation and humiliation. Argument with a tree that was over the Track that I had to take my pack off…took 20 minutes before I made a deal with the tree. Falling in a heap bawling when I turned the corner to see yet another bloody hill…to pull myself together, walk another few steps to see the Waugal go around the side of the hill. The biggest smile ever, getting to the Giants yesterday completing my end to end. Giants was where I started from…my alpha and my omega.Huge smiles when I complete several hard sections pushing myself beyond my known limits.BUT THE BEST: Walking between Nullaki and West Cape Howe, told myself to watch out for snakes as that was the type of terrain I saw tiger snakes in. A few minutes later away in Lalaland, I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks, one foot in front of the other. I looked down and between my feet was a tiger snake of reasonable thickness and at least 4 foot plus. I followed its length with my eyes starting with its tail to the front right side of me through my feet to its head rising from the ground and turning towards me at the rear left of me. Reaction: “Oh S**T, Snake!! Stay still or run??” Saw its head. “RUN”!!!! Ran about 5 metres up the track, turned and watched the bewildered snake then burst into tears. I was still shaking when I saw people at Lowlands beach more than an hour later.


Heaps of kangaroos, emus, bandicoots,quenda, 2 pigs, possum, rats, birds of every type, surfing dolphins, too many snakes…all of 15 of them. The wildflowers at the moment along the south coast - to die for.

Your Best Equipment

My poncho I bought in Peru. Used as a windbreak, raincoat, hot weather shelter, tent, ground sheet for my bedding in the shelter, curtain in the shelter (reduces the cold), ground sheet to plonk my butt on for a rest and lunch stops. And an elastic twisty clothes line…great to make shelters with.

Your Worst Equipment

If I had any, it was got rid of very early on. I had nothing bad over the last three years.

Advice for Others

Don’t take anything you never use. Saved me 5 kg in my pack. 
*ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have good socks and replace them if they get iffy. My iffy socks lead to huge blisters and a trip to the hospital.
*Don’t forget to replace the salts - eg. Powerade, Gatorade or Staminade powder. One time I drank too much water and washed the salts and electrolytes out..2 days in hospital….oops.