Diana Hertzler (Diana Hertzler)

Completed: 24 October 2006

Photo of Diana Hertzler (Diana Hertzler)
Diana Hertzler
Diana Hertzler
  • Start date: 6 September 2006
  • Age When Completed: 49
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

Fabulous.  Thank you!  Grateful to have the opportunity to challenge myself on this solo journey and experience the diversity WA has to opffer and to be one with nature.

Food/Supplies Comments

My menu of home grown, home made dehydrated meals was delicious and nourishing.

Favourite Section

Too many to choose.


Going solo.  Crossing the Irwin Inlet when unbeknownst to me I wasn’t supposed to (opened by Water Corp), but I did it.  Climbing from the sea at Long Point through the wilds of Point Nuyts to the soaring height of Mt Clare.  The beautiful old growth at Blackberry Pool and it’s swimming pools.

Personal Reactions

I’ll be back.



Your Best Equipment

My pack - tent - cooking stove - books - walking poles

Your Worst Equipment

First ground sheet for tent - I replaced it with a cheap (heavy plastic) one at Collie.

Advice for Others

Be in the moment and learn as you go.  Enjoy!