Narelle Goodall (Laughing Ladies #1)

Completed: 16 April 2010

Photo of Narelle Goodall (Laughing Ladies #1)
Narelle Goodall
Laughing Ladies #1
  • Start date: 1 October 2000
  • Age When Completed: 44
  • Direction Walked: Sectional
  • Others in Group:

    Deb Badger

General Comments

Kept saying I was going to do the Track one day.  So when we leased the farm for 1 year in 2000 I decided to ‘just do it’ and made a start.  Fantastic to have such a fabulous Track on our doorstep - Thanx to all the volunteers who maintain it!!

Food/Supplies Comments

Learnt very quickly about dehydrating my own food - can eat gourmet every night then.

Favourite Section

Walpole to Denmark - Awesome scenery!!


Walking along the beach to Peaceful Bay at sunrise.  the friendships made within our group of Laughing Ladies.  Sunrise at Rame Head.

Personal Reactions

A relief and amazed that I have finally completed it!

Your Best Equipment

Dehydrator and Fixomull!!

Advice for Others

Training beforehand definitely reduces the pain.  I’ve done both ways!!