Joe Gaspar (POT (Pollucci's on Tour))

Completed: 2 June 2022

  • Start date: 2 June 2017
  • Age When Completed: 62
  • Direction Walked: South to North
  • Others in Group:

    Sue and Steve

General Comments

One of the most moving (pun not intended) experiences of my life. There was a sense of relief and the surreal when I reached the northern terminus but touching the sign at the finish… suddenly I got all emotional.

Favourite Section

Pemberton to DRV. Liked it so much I did it twice. It was brutal but beautiful at the same time.


Watching the sun set at Sandpatch on our first night is a memory I will hold dear for eternity. The mixed grill at the Pemberton Hotel and I cannot forget to mention the numerous characters that we met and the chats around the campfires. Sharing this experience this experience with my sister and best mate.

Personal Reactions

This was more than just a trek through the bush. It met me physically, mentally and emotionally. I got such a positive vibe from the whole journey that I will do it all again next year.

Your Best Equipment

A hard plastic bottle that was filled at the start of every section with Jameson Whiskey

Your Worst Equipment

My feet. They blistered too easily.

Advice for Others

As they say in the Nike adverts… Just do it!