Roxanne Snook (Rox in Sox)

Completed: 28 May 2022

Photo of Roxanne Snook (Rox in Sox)
Roxanne Snook
Rox in Sox
  • Start date: 27 March 2022
  • Age When Completed: 52
  • Direction Walked: South to North

General Comments

This has been an amazing experience. I loved exploring the many ecosystems our south west has to offer. We are so lucky to have this wonderful resource in our backyard. I now want to explore the track again during the wildflower season. Nothing beats walking solo through the Australian bush, listening to nature and resting your mind.

Food/Supplies Comments

I will need to learn to dehydrate my own meals for future hikes. The track towns are amazing.

Favourite Section

It is not possible to choose as all the sections are special in their own way.


The birds - from the largest (emus) through to the smallest (fairy wrens) and all the sizes in between
Seeing sun dew flowers for the first time ever
Meeting so many like minded people

Personal Reactions

This was my first time hiking with a pack since high school. I have thoroughly tested my “mettle”, have a lot more respect for my own capabilities and loads more confidence in myself. I now know the best way to nourish my body and soul is to spend time in nature hiking.


The birdlife was amazing and I so enjoyed their constant company
The Native Bush Rat living under to loo at Gregory Brook was so cute

Your Best Equipment

My poles saved me from many falls and helped me get up some enormous steps plus the FarOut App, keeping the blue do on the red line made life much easier

Your Worst Equipment

Commercial Dehydrated meals

Advice for Others

Do it!!!! Hike your own hike and do not compare yourself to others. Take the time to look around and do not get hypnotised by watching where you are putting your feet.