Andrew Dobbs (Andrew)

Completed: 28 May 2022

Photo of Andrew Dobbs (Andrew)
Andrew Dobbs
  • Start date: 17 April 2022
  • Age When Completed: 48
  • Direction Walked: South to North

General Comments

A wonderful adventure amongst beautiful surroundings.

Food/Supplies Comments

Food drops in the track towns worked well and so did eating out in the towns!

Favourite Section

Too hard to decide.


The fantastic people I met on the the track.

Personal Reactions

Thoroughly enjoyed experience and grateful for the opportunity to complete it!


Nice to see the wildlife in their natural habitat (well most of them).

Your Best Equipment

Thermal reactor sleeping bag liner - so warm and toasty.

Your Worst Equipment


Advice for Others

Walk your own walk - everyone does it differently and no one way is correct!