Mary Boyce (Mary B)

Completed: 23 April 2022

Photo of Mary Boyce (Mary B)
Mary Boyce
Mary B
  • Start date: 13 April 2017
  • Age When Completed: 56
  • Direction Walked: North to South
  • Others in Group:

    Matt Molloy

General Comments

I love this track. Now that I have completed it, I am excited to sample the best bits again! We are so fortunate to have a track that you can access any time that suits.

Food/Supplies Comments

Food always tastes so good on the track. We dehydrated our main meals, and relied on hard cheese/tuna sachets/peanut butter on crackers for lunches. We had lots of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate for snacks.

Favourite Section

Oh, this is a tough question!!
I love the Monadnocks and Dwellingup sections for a weekend on the Bibb, and I have done these sections several times. Until recently, I might have said the Balingup or Pemberton sections for the orchids and the trees respectively, or maybe Northcliffe to Walpole as you go from the trees to the ocean. However, having just completed the Walpole to Albany section, I think my favourite section has to be the south coast - Rame Head, Boat Harbour, West Cape Howe. The walking was more challenging and the views breath taking.


The addiction!!
I loved feeling stronger and fitter at the end of each hike.
The anticipation and excitement of checking out a new camp/hut - Frankland with the veranda, Schafer by the lake, the views at Rame Head and West Cape Howe, and the rocky outcrop at the back of Woolbales at sunrise.
Meeting so many fabulous people and making new friends on the track.

Personal Reactions

I really enjoyed doing the track in sections - you never got a chance to take it for granted or to get enough of it. It was lovely meeting the same people several times over the five years.
We did much of the first half of the track with our teenage kids - we had such fun as we were all learning the ropes. We started with 20 year old packs and car camping gear!


Lots of kangaroos, the odd emu, and thankfully very few snakes.

Your Best Equipment

Osprey pack, and it is 50 L, so I only bring what I absolutely need.
Big Agnes tent.
Having done the track over 5 years, I am now happy with all my gear.

Your Worst Equipment

I no longer have any.

Advice for Others

Be prepare to be addicted!! And as many others have said - just do it, don’t put it off any longer.