Tanya Tabor (Lady T)

Completed: 14 April 2022

Photo of Tanya  Tabor (Lady T)
Tanya Tabor
Lady T
  • Start date: 29 April 2006
  • Age When Completed: 39
  • Direction Walked: North to South

General Comments

It took a long time to get it all done.  A couple of sections in my 20’s and big break to travel the world and have babies.  Then back to it once I got my post baby fitness back. Each time I completed a section I was already planning the next thinking I wish I could just resupply and keep going.

Food/Supplies Comments

Love dehydrating my own food.  Homemade dinners every night packed with goodness.  A sachet of tuna was like drinking a can of red bull.  A sip of port of a welcome treat on a cold night.

Favourite Section

Rame Head to Boat Harbour.  Something about the beach walking and waves crashing over rocks that calms my mind


Swamp Oak to Murray- a huge storm that bought hail, strong wind and all day rain was super exciting.
Canoeing over the inlet
Williams Bay lookout behind the hut- dinner and port on the granite while watching the sunset
West Cape Howe- 9 people in the hut that night.  With all day rain the hut looked like a laundry mat.  We played games before like we had known each other for years only we had all just met.
Half way marker- singing Bon Jovi “Oh were half way there”

Personal Reactions

I didnt find any part of the track challenging.  Everyday I thrived on the phyiscal and mental strength it took.  Meeting new people and listening to thier stories was inspiring.


I was surprised to say that from Kalumunda to Long Point saw no snakes.  But Walpole to Albany 8 in that 1 section.
Yourdamung- a family of emu wandered through the campsite, passing next to the hut like we werent even there.
Helena- a massive black spider carrying hundreds of babies on its back.
Giants to Rame Head- rain bought out hundreds of tiny frogs.
What on earth is the deal with all the furry catapillars.  Follow the leader round in circles.????

Your Best Equipment

My little tent.  Love camping out on a clear night or just setting it up in the hut to keep the mozzies away.
My bestest hiking buddy ever- Lizzymisso, wouldnt go hiking without her.  We have so much fun together, were a little nuts

Your Worst Equipment

My inflatable pillow- struggled to get comfortable for years until it went down heading toward Denmark.  I used my down jacket inside my sleeping bag cover. Its so much better. Lets just say I wont be replacing my pillow.

Advice for Others

My hiking buddy did teach me to slow down.  When you travel fast you miss things.  Its not a race to get to the hut, its a journey to get to the hut.  I do regret not taking longer breaks, walking barefoot on the beach, laying in the quiet for longer periods.